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Background and Thesis

This is the introduction to your project. It’s where you offer an overview of the main ideas you’ll be presenting. Begin by outlining the topic you’ve chosen, and then continue by explaining your specific point of view or argument. Your introduction is the hook to engage your audience so make sure yours is clear, concise and focused.

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Examples and Explications

This is the body of your project. It’s where you explain or describe your main arguments and support your claims with evidence and examples. Consider it the main course, or entree, of your project. To make your project body even more engaging, add videos, diagrams or images that support your main statement!

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Closing Remarks

This is the conclusion of your project. It’s where you sum up all of your main ideas and offer a final perspective. In a few sentences, review your strongest points and reinforce the assertion you made in your introduction. For the most effective conclusion, be concise, confident and focused.

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